Why Workfinished?

After experimenting with dozens of project management tool in vain, we appllied our expertise in developing this customized top notch product with all required features.
"It's by far the best tool available that meets all your requirements."
With options to have multiple views,why settle for anything less like the single view option for time & people. You can get most of the information you want at a glance.
It can work for companies as large as 500 plus employees or with less than 10 employees.
All pages are developed to load at lightening fast pace.
Fully tested by our able QA team for over a year, prior to launch, regressively checked every feature before selling it to you.

Online Project Management Software for planning, tracking and completing!

What is WorkFinished?

WorkFinished is an online cloud based Project Management tool which can be used by companies having 1-500 workers.

It comes with a native iPhone/Android App.

After lots of research and experimenting with other Project Management tool, we developed this tool and made it as a really powerful & easy to use.

It has the following functionalities:

  • User Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Task Management.
  • TimeSheet.
  • Live discussion with Comments.
  • File Management & NoteBook.
  • Lead Management.
  • User rating & Performance.
  • Native iPhone/Android App.

Project Management

Stay in control of the Projects! Workfinished is an online project management tool that keeps

Time Tracking

Track the time spent by you and your team on each project by time tracking feature!

DashBoard functionality

In Workfinished, you can see at a glance what tasks have been assigned

Task Management

Task lists help you keep track of every job on a projects assigned to whom, when and why!

Lead Management (CRM)

If you think of efficiency and effectiveness this way you will find that in our Project

Android and IPhone

In our tool we focused on meeting deadlines, as that's the area that many

Additional Features


Direct URLs

Direct URLs are convenient ways of sharing a task.Anyone who has access to this URL ..



Most actions,even creating a projects and tasks, sends a notifications to respective..


Project Cost tracking

Workfinished tool is basically developed to ease the things at your comfortable place,



You can quickly create a Notebook which allows you to write a text page that..

Why choose Workfinished.com ?

Project Management workfinished.com leaves the competitors far behind:

  • User management with roles are supported.
  • Different views for same data, this helps in keep track of things.
  • Lead Management is included
  • It is really fast, we have used Ajax and the performance of this app is like an native application.
  • iPhone/Android app.
  • Drag and Drop for file upload
  • Our Prices are less as compared to the others.


 We rely on Omkarsoft for all of our programming and development needs. The Workfinished tool is such a useful tool in managing projects and task. I recommend you to try this Project management tool. 


 I would like to thank the whole team at Omkar Soft for the work you did on the Workfinished project management which is a awesome tool in managing project,bug tracking and time tracking.